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Thanks to our experience of the field and our comprehensive database we are able to offer you a variety of services operated by a qualified staff available 24/7

Transportation & Emergency

International West Indies Assistance can provide you with a large offer of medical transportation whether you are an Island resident or just on a trip. Our operation area cover the Caribbean, North and South America & Europe.

We provide Air Ambulance services as well as Ground Ambulance handled by professionals:

  • Medicalized aircraft
  • Bed-to-Bed transportation
  • Fit-to-fly assessment by our Physicians
  • Various levels of life support


Our support team is on call 24/7 and can handle emergency situations within hours.

Medical care

Medical Tourism

The French Overseas Departments holds high standards of medical care and play a major role in the Caribbean Health sector.

If you face long waiting lists or other difficulties for being treated at home you can consider getting treatment in one of the French Overseas Department. IWIA can take care of the process for you and make sure that every goes smoothly.

Cancer patients can receive treatment at the Albert Clarac Hospital of Martinique, including Tomotherapy and chemotherapy. Furthermore, other patients can seek medical care either at the University Hospital of Guadeloupe or Martinique (respectively C.H.U.G and C.H.U.M), or in a private clinic of their choice.

We will help you get in touch with the medical staff in place and accompany you from the pick-up at your country of residence to your flight back home.

As a French territory, European Patients can make use of their European Health Insurance card (EHIC) in both C.H.U.


Medical Escort & Hostesses

International West Indies Assistance can provide an English-speaking medical escort (ICU doctors and/or nurses)to provide basic assistance and medical care during a commercial flight.

We also provide medical escorts with stretchers with our preferred partner Air France:

  • ICU patients with oxygen requirements
  • non ICU patients
  • ICU escorts

Additionally, an English-speaking hostess is always available to visit the patient a the hospital or hostel and provide physical or emotional assistance.

Additional services

In addition to our other services, IWIA can make your life easier:

  • Hotel and taxi booking for patient and family members
  • Logistic support
  • Hospital admission handling
  • Payment of medical fees
  • Ticketing

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